Top 3 DIY Website Copywriting Mistakes Business Owners Make

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May 28, 2020
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October 26, 2020
top DIY website copywriting errors business owners make

A lot goes into creating a badass brand website. It has to look pretty, function without a hitch, and quickly hook your site visitors with a clear message. 

Many business owners choose to DIY one or more aspects of the website creation process, which is totally understandable. However, your website’s copy should be one of the best tools in your belt when it comes to turning lookers into buyers. 

If your site’s copy is boring or confusing, people will be less likely to buy and they may leave your site altogether. That means your copy has to be on point! 

If you do decide to outsource your copy, I’d love to chat:) And for business owners who want to DIY this round, here are a few business website copywriting mistakes that are super common, but could be costing you. 

Website Copywriting Mistake #1: Making it All About You. 

Your site copy should focus on your business as it relates to the customer, not your business itself. Don’t tell people how great your product or service is—tell them how it will solve their problems or make their lives easier. Customers don’t care about your story; they care about their own. So, make your customer the hero of your brand journey!

You need to understand your target audience before writing copy so you can create content specifically tailored for them. Understand their wants, needs, habits, behaviors, and interests. From a copy perspective, you’ll know you’re talking too much about yourself if you’re using “we/our”, “me/my” more than “you” and “your”. 

Website Copywriting Mistake # 2: Making it Too Complicated.

People are often skimming your website for what they need. They’re trying to digest information quickly before jumping to the next thing. 

Great website copy should be direct and to the point. Use short sentences and simple words—I promise, you can still sound smart. Short sentences make it easier for the reader to understand and ultimately remember your message. So ditch the college essay format and the long, complicated sentences.

Writing for the web is a bit more, shall way say, relaxed?  

If you don’t believe me, ask Flesch! Yoast SEO includes Flesch’s reading ease score in their SEO analysis because it’s key to a great user experience. If people struggle to understand your text, they may leave and look for information elsewhere. 

Website Copywriting Mistake # 3: Lots of Copy, No Call to Action.

People don’t want to know everything about your business, even if they’re interested. They just need enough information to make a buying decision or take the next step. 

“Give ‘em your pitch and get on with it.”

I’m just going to say this bluntly—give ‘em your pitch and get on with it. Many business owners think they have to tell their life stories. Or they take “getting into the mind of your reader” a little too far and end up with a wall of text and a confused customer. 

Instead, why not give site visitors a quick 1-2 punch: briefly explain what you offer/why that’s awesome and then tell them what to do next by including a clear call to action (CTA). A CTA like “Sign up” or “Contact us” provides a way of guiding site visitors to buy or continue to engage with your brand. If you want a business website that generates sales and leads, you need CTAs. 

Read about the 7 things every successful business website needs.

When it’s time to update your business website, don’t neglect your copy! No matter who writes it, make sure your message is clear, customer-focused, and includes calls to action that guide the reader through your site.

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    top 3 DIY website copywriting mistakes business owners make

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