How to Write an Un-Boring Article Introduction, and More

How to Create Brand Messaging Guidelines (My Exact Process)
May 31, 2024
Freelance content strategist and copywriter Rebecca Rosenberg, smiling and holding a coffee mug

Podcast Interview with Olawunmi Olaniyi at Marketing Over Wine

  • How do you create a non eye-roll inducing introduction to an article? Hint: It does NOT start with “In today’s fast-paced digital landscape…”
  • What’s the secret to scoring client referrals in your business?
  • What has been my most successful method for finding freelance writing clients?
  • What are some secret tools every marketer can benefit from?
  • What the heck is the HUMAN framework and how can you use it to create un-boring B2B content?

The answers to these questions (and more) are waiting for you on the Marketing Over Wine podcast… 🍷🍷🍷

Content Strategy. Messaging. Client Acquisition. Pricing. Witchy Things.

Olaniyi is a fellow marketing wonk, a walking database, and an overall cool dude. We had a blast talking about what it means to be a “conversational copywriter”, how I create content + messaging strategies for clients, and the realities of working in-house versus working freelance.

This was a pretty insightful – and FUN – conversation, if I do say so myself. If you’re curious at all about content marketing, brand messaging, or running a business as a solopreneur/expat/digital nomad, you’ll find something interesting here!

Give ‘er a listen (while you run or cook or whatever)👇

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P.S. I’ve also documented my entire Brand Messaging Guide process (here).

Want to chat about creating your Moonshot Messaging Guide? Let’s do this! 

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