Build a Business You Love (Not Another Job)



  • Choose who you work with
  • Know your value
  • Present yourself like a pro
  • Make money, honey (doing work you dig)


Book your 60-minute SPARK Strategy Session and walk away with an action plan to accelerate your freelance writing business. 

Want to chat with a successful, full-time freelance writer? Wish you could pick the brain of someone who’s been where you want to go? 

Hey there! 👋I’m Rebecca and I’ve been a full-time copywriter and expat since 2017. Since starting my business, I’ve worked with brands like CamelBak, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Investopedia, Privy, StubHub, and plenty of others—and I’ve lived all over the world while doing it. 

Seriously, I’ve run my six-figure copywriting business from homestays in Montenegro, AirBnBs in Colombia, and long-term rentals in Spain, Germany, and Turkey.

No, I’m not an heiress or a trust fund baby. 


After a few years working as an in-house marketer, I left the 9-5 world behind to build a business from scratch. Nada. Nix…

I survived the pandemic and 2023 (ugh), and I’m STILL HERE, doing the thing! 

Now, I’m sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly from my 10+ years of experience as a content marketer and professional writer. In other words, I’m spilling the bubble tea🧋on all the mistakes I’ve made, so you don’t have to. 

But also, some of the supah smart moves that helped me get ahead and build a sustainable, profitable, and most importantly — 100% lovable — freelance writing business. 

From content mills to content strategist, baby! ← Pretty sure this is what my story would be called if it were adapted into an after-school movie on TLC. 

Whether you want to work remotely from anywhere in the world (anywhere with an internet connection, that is). Or you just want to earn great money, make your own schedule, and collaborate with awesome clients — all from your kitchen table — I’m here for you!  

Book a 1:1 SPARK Session


Here’s what you’ll get when you book a SPARK Session: 

  • 60 minutes of my undivided attention via video call
  • A recording of each session so you don’t have to worry about taking notes 
  • A tailored action plan + hand-picked resources to help you advance
  • An accountabili-buddy to keep you on track 
  • A chance to get no b.s. answers to all your questions
  • Expert guidance from someone who’s been in your shoes

Here are some things we can work on together:

  • Finding clients 
  • Creating your portfolio 
  • Marketing yourself online (without going crazy)
  • Networking & relationship building
  • Presenting yourself like a pro 
  • Nailing discovery calls 
  • Time management 
  • What to charge 
  • Choosing your niche 
  • Project management 
  • Client onboarding 
  • Balancing work and travel  
  • Working with clients across borders 
  • Organizing your business as an American abroad (payment, taxes, scheduling and all that jazz)


Honestly though, we can talk about whatever burning business questions you like! This is your time…your chance to vent, rant, bounce ideas around, bust through blocks or imposter syndrome (we’ve all been there) and get 100% honest, expert advice. 

So, are you ready to earn more in a copywriting business you can be proud of…and do it on your own terms? 

Let’s get to work! 

“Learning to become a freelance copywriter with Rebecca has been way more productive than studying on my own. She’s great at finding my strengths and acknowledging my weaknesses. She even developed a custom regimen of books, newsletters, writing, and advice that’s giving me the confidence to move forward with copywriting.”

-Mat Anchongoo

“Before working with Rebecca, I didn’t know anything about copywriting. Rebecca has opened the copywriting doors for me. She’s very knowledgeable in what she does and has helped me become confident in my own writing, plus finding clients. I really enjoyed my time working with her. She’s a wonderful human and great at what she does.”

-Patrick Johns

“Rebecca is an experienced entrepreneur who provides practical, helpful advice for anyone looking to make their way into self-employment. I cannot thank her enough for the tips and techniques she’s provided me in generating client demand. Her positive, growth-focused mindset is infectious: you’ll walk away feeling confident and ready to tackle any challenge your business throws at you.
Start your entrepreneurial journey the right way: with guidance from Rebecca!”

-Liam Hennessy


Book your 60-minute SPARK Session and walk away with an action plan to accelerate your freelance writing business. 

Book a 1:1 SPARK Session