Why Businesses Should Use Blogging to Boost Their SEO

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January 28, 2020
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[Guest post written by Julia Dent Bocchese]

Many businesses think that blogging is just for food or fashion bloggers, but blogging can have a big impact on growing your business – especially when it comes to SEO! If you don’t have a blog yet or don’t think that blogging is going to help your business, I am here to change your mind. Blogging can have an impact on businesses in so many different ways. Here are 5 reasons you should use blogging to boost your SEO.

It Shows Google Your Business Is Active

You should be updating your website every few months, but if your website doesn’t require much updating, blogging regularly will show Google that your business is still active. If you don’t make any changes to your site for months, Google has no idea if you’re still in business, so you could start dropping in rankings.

It Drives More Traffic To Your Site

If you just share your existing website pages to Facebook or Twitter, you probably won’t get many clicks. But if you share blog posts that are interesting and helpful, you’ll likely get a lot more traffic to your site. With more traffic to your site, Google will see that you’re producing valuable content that people are interested in, and they’re going to rank your site higher (especially if you have a post that goes viral). Plus, with more traffic and more people on your site, you’re introducing more people to your company.

It Allows You To Show Your Expertise

Blogging will show that you’re an expert in your field to both your audience and Google. It will allow you to help your audience, introduce them to your business, and show that you know your stuff, which will make them more likely to hire you! It also shows Google that you’re an authority in your industry, and Google wants to rank the best and most authoritative posts the highest. If you can write information-packed posts that help your readers, you’re going to rank well.

It Keeps People On Your Site Longer

If people only stay on your site for a couple of seconds to see what your company is about and then leave, it shows Google that people don’t see value in your site or that it wasn’t relevant to what they were looking for, and your rankings could start dropping. Well-written blog posts make people stay on your site longer and click around because blog posts are typically longer than copy on pages.

And since your readers are likely interested in the topics you’re writing about, they’re going to stick around and read the whole post. If you have multiple blog posts that can help them, they’ll click around and stay on your site even longer.

You Can Target More Keywords

Writing blog posts about different topics in your industry allows you to target so many keywords! For example, if your company creates booking software for tour companies, you might be targeting keywords like “booking software for tour companies” or “booking software for the travel industry” with your website pages. But blogging can allow you to target many more keywords that your clients could be searching for.

You could write about topics like “the best systems for tour companies,” “technology travel companies need,” or “how tour companies can get more bookings” to answer questions for your clients and introduce them to your company. They might not even know that your company exists, but writing about topics that they’re looking for can introduce new clients to your company and show them why they should work with you.

If you’re not using blog posts to boost your rankings in Google and grow your business, get started today! If you don’t know where to start, working with a content strategist can help you get the most out of your blog posts to grow your audience and your business.


Julia Renee Consulting SEO strategist headshot

Julia is an SEO Consultant and Pinterest Strategist for creative small businesses. Her goal is to make SEO and Pinterest strategies approachable and easy to implement for all small businesses so they can reach their ideal clients organically. She lives in center city Philadelphia with her Siberian Husky sidekick and her new husband, and on the side, she runs a travel photography site and goes to grad school for history to study Vikings.





Blog post: Why Businesses Should Use Blogging to Boost Their SEO

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