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  • Social Media Posts
  • Blog Posts & Web Articles
  • Lead Magnets
  • Press Releases
  • Staff & Company Bios
  • White Papers


  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Website Audit and Optimization
  • Editorial Calendar Creation
  • Event Promotion – Digital Strategy and Branding


  • Creative Social Media Strategy Design
  • Customized Social Media Training
  • Content Calendar for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Profile Creation & Optimization
  • Social Engagement & Customer Service


  • I also work with a few trusted partners to provide full-service website redesign & development services with SEO optimization.


  • Digital Media Consulting – Book a one-hour strategy session with me to work through your content strategy questions, discuss ways to improve your business’ online presence, refine your marketing approach, or name a new product or service!
  • How to Become a Digital Nomad – I’ve been on the move full-time since January 2017, but I’ve been a traveler almost since birth. Really! My first international trip was to Aruba when I was 2, and I haven’t stopped since. I’ve traveled 5 continents and lived in South Korea, Chile, Mexico, Germany, and Spain.
    • Find out how I’ve resided legally in the EU for three years
    • Make a smoother transition from the corporate world to remote work
    • Travel without breaking the bank
    • Get tips, tricks and resources for all of the above, plus emotional support
    • So. much. more.

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