Hey. Hi. Hello.👋


I’m Rebecca, conversational copywriter & brand strategist.

Making your content work harder for your business is my number one goal. If we work together, you’ll find I’m deeply committed to becoming an expert in your space. Like, it’s almost creepy.

With over a decade of experience in marketing, from in-house and agency life to entrepreneurship, I’ve seen it all. Worn all the hats. But the focus was always the same – using words and ideas to help people do bigger and better things in their business.


Things I love: 

✔ Turning seedling ideas into fully-formed ones.

✔ Helping you get from “I need to do content marketing” to having a meaningful game plan.

✔ Communicating big ideas in simple terms.

In my former life: 

Past positions include Head of Digital, Social Media Manager, Research Assistant, ESL Teacher, Movie Extra (Yep. And it’s one you’ve heard of!) 

Once a nerd, always a nerd: 

Master of Science in Information Studies – where we learn the art of research and geek out on how humans organize and process information.   

Proud polyglot: 

I speak German, Spanish, and English (obviously) – plus a little Turkish and Korean. So I bring a DEEP understanding of communication to my work.


If you want a content marketing partner who’s equal parts strategy and TCB – if you believe new ideas and a strong voice matter, even in B2B –

Then I’m your woman.

Freelance copywriter Rebecca Rosenberg stands in front of a blue and beige tiled wall, smiling confidently and with hand on her right hip.