4 Benefits of Hiring a Copywriter

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July 10, 2020
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white desk with analog clock, laptop open with text 4 Benefits of Hiring a Copywriter

Should you even bother with hiring a copywriter? If you’re wondering whether a copywriter can really help you make a difference in your website messaging, the answer is yes! Working with a copywriter will make your life easier and your wallet fatter.

If you’ve been writing your own copy and you’re not sure about paying someone to write your website copy, think about these…Here are 4 ways hiring a copywriter can benefit your business. 

Explaining what you do becomes simple

If you get nervous and rambly when someone asks “So what do you do?” or if people still look confused at the end of your spiel, you might need help from a pro. A copywriter helps you solidify your message so that you can quickly and easily explain what you do, who it’s for (your ideal client), and why it matters. 

A copywriter can help you boil this down into a sentence or two – in language that feels and sounds like you. No more shuffling your feet when you’re faced with the “What do you do” question.

Your entire digital presence will be on point

Strategic messaging does more than just help your website – it improves your blog, your social media posts, Stories, emails, all of it! It’s all connected, and when you have a clear brand message to point back to, everything just works better and feels easier. 

When your brand strategy and messaging are on point, it’s easy to figure out what to write on your blog. Your social posts will be on-brand and on-message. Something useful to share with your email list? Check. You don’t have to worry about what to post and your content marketing is integrated, so it’s working for you in more ways than one.  

You can relax and focus on your business

When you’re crushing goals, hiring new people,  serving your clients, and everything else involved with running a business, you’ve got a few things going on. I get that. When you work with a copywriter, you can take a deep breath and de-stress, your content marketing is handled

I know from experience, being a business owner is stressful enough…delegate delegate delegate so you can focus on your business. Meanwhile, the leads keep coming in! 

You’ll make more money

When people are clear on what you do and why they need it, they’re more likely to buy. When they know exactly how to work with you and getting started is easy, they’re more likely to buy. 

A copywriter knows how to build know, like, and trust with your audience. How to lead them through the buyer journey and where to put the right calls to action. A copywriter can turn lookers into buyers and put more money in your pocket. 

The bottom line is, marketing works if you do it consistently and with style. Yes, brand marketing is a long-game…but so is your business. If any of these sounds like something you want to experience in your business, reach out to me! I’d love to help you level up your brand messaging and website copy. 

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