Writing Globally – Travel Industry Copywriting

Lifelong traveler here! I’ve lived on 4 different continents and I am about to call my 6th country home. Early on, I knew I was more than just a tourist. I wanted to be a part of the industry, but wasn’t really sure where I fit in. Recently, I’ve combined my two main passions by working as a content writer for the travel industry.

The travel industry is a great place to be. It’s exciting as a writer because it reaches every corner of the world and has ties to many industries. Not only in tourism sub-markets like airlines, hotels and museums, but also for industries like electronics, beauty products, insurance, clothing and more, travel has a sales impact.

Travel Writing – What I’ve Been Up To

As a travel writer I have experience with businesses from around the world, large and small. Luxury, mid-range or budget, every traveler needs to find information to get where they’re going, and help them make the most of their time there.


2018-09-17 (1).png

Luxury Travel Property Descriptions

I was commissioned to create website content such as Company Story and property descriptions for a luxury real estate development in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. These five star luxury residences and vacation homes deserve five-star descriptions that dazzle, impress, and entice.

Neighborhood Guides for Hotels

I love helping travelers discover local activities, food, and experiences near their hotel. As a freelance writer for Arrivedo, I work directly with hotels to create neighborhood guides that attract new guests and improve the experience for current guests.


I’ve recently created SEO-friendly, customized guides for Hotel Eleven in Austin TX and Hotel Carris Porto Ribeira in Porto, Portugal. Your hotel can partner with me too!

Blog Posts & Online Articles

Sometimes I do ghostwriting, which means I don’t always get to publish work under my own name. However, working as a ghostwriter (or “ghostblogger”, as the case may be) for The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line® has certainly been a fun project!

I love writing travel articles like these about exotic destinations including what to expect, best foods to try and souvenirs to look out for – because who doesn’t love looking forward to a vacation? I enjoy getting people excited about their travels and describing all the fun adventures they can get into while on their trip. I learn something along the way and get ideas for my own travels. Win-win!

Guest Posts

On occasion, I’m available to contribute a guest post. In the past, I’ve collaborated with other travel sites and communities to share my experience as a digital nomad and long-term traveler. Areas of expertise include financial planning for travel, solo travel, teaching English abroad, moving abroad, running a business while on the move, making the transition to self-employed or remote work, packing and travel tips, and travel inspiration!

This post for SheHitRefresh.com (a travel community of women over 30 who want to break free and live a life of travel) covers volunteering abroad using Workaway.

Operation Gone

What kind of 21st century traveler would I be if I didn’t have my own blog? See what I’ve been up to the past year and a half…


Still want to see more? Check out some more of my work


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