Writing for the American Dream – Real Estate Copywriting

Though I work with all kinds of small-to-medium businesses in industries as diverse as dentistry, finance, tech, music, events and more, lately I’ve found myself doing a LOT of real estate writing.

Writing for the real estate industry is exciting, not only because there are so many different niches and sectors, but also because the field is central to American communities, families, and economic development.

For so many, home ownership is a pivotal step on the road to the American Dream. So I can feel good about my part in educating homebuyers, tenants, real estate professionals and builders.

Real Estate Writing – What I’ve Been Up To

As a real estate content writer, I have experience in both commercial real estate and residential real estate (B2B and B2C).  I’ve worked with businesses from all areas of the field including homebuilders, commercial real estate firms, home lenders, housing counselors and even a real estate school!

Real estate is a fun industry to write for because there is just so. much. going. on.

Here’s a brief summary of what I’ve been up to on the content creation front:

Press Releases 

Creating buzz for a fast growing commercial real estate and property management firm in South Jersey.  Weekly press releases aim to establish the firm’s strong presence as a leader in the region. I think it’s working, because the founder was recently recognized by South Jersey Biz magazine as one of the area’s top entrepreneurs. 

Website Redesign and Blogging

I recently worked with an Austin commercial real estate firm to help redesign their website. We brought this site up to date by adding a property search feature, online contact form, and more dynamic look and feel.

We also set up a blog so that the company can share insights, money-saving tips, and information that will help tenants and landlords get better results from their real estate deals. Not to mention, it’s great for visibility and SEO.

Online Articles (and more Blogging)

On the residential side, I’ve been tapping into my inner designer through home décor tips and inspiration, as well as covering interior design trends for a brand new site (luanching soon!) I’ve also written articles with useful information on preparing to buy a house and more.

Establishing Best Practices

I do ghost-writing too! From the perspective of real estate professionals, I recently created a series of 10 thought pieces that help establish best practices and build knowledge for those in the field.

Articles targeted to new real estate agents, established brokers, and agent teams covered how to grow and manage real estate teams, hiring for teams, how to prep for an open house, how to build a real estate “farm”, working with HOAs, marketing tips, and more.

Real Estate Content Writing Services

  • Real Estate industry research
  • Press releases
  • Blogs
  • Media kits
  • Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Online articles

Related Services & Specialties

  • Website development or redesign
  • Editorial and content calendar (topic development)
  • Content management and web publishing
  • Content distribution – sharing on social media, LinkedIn, email, to contact lists, etc.
  • Sourcing royalty-free images for blogs
  • Digital presence consulting

Not sure why content marketing is important to your business? Check this out…

To request samples or a consultation, contact me here:


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