Trends in Digital Customer Service 2017

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October 26, 2017
trends in digital customer care ebook 2017

Our digital marketing landscape is always changing.

In 2017, the business world has become increasingly digital. With developments in mobile apps, social media, email marketing, online ordering, and selling directly from your Instagram page, the lines between storefront and e-commerce shop are becoming increasingly blurred.

For some, keeping up with the constant evolution of online marketing is an inconvenience. For me, it’s an exciting challenge. Keeping up definitely keeps things interesting! One thing that’s not going to change anytime soon: today’s customer is a digital customer.

What can we learn from our digital customers in 2017 and beyond? How can we use technology to better serve them?

I am happy and honored to be included among 10 international experts discussing this subject in the ebook 2017 Trends: Social Customer Service Trends by 10 International Experts (in English and Spanish!)

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Thanks to my colleague Billie Sastre for putting this together.

Read the entire ebook here.

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